The Insurance industry faces many challenges. Customer’s needs and expectations are changing as with any industry. Keeping up with these, alongside changing regulatory requirements, increased costs, working often on legacy platforms and competition from digitally-focused insurtechs are driving many large insurers into digital transformation programmes.​

Typical objectives include cost reduction, platform modernisation, improving customer experience, extending distribution channels, delivering new digital products and better insight through analytics.

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Ben Granger-Holcombe
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Salesforce Digital Insurance Platform

  • Easily Innovate with New Products with code-free product design tool and rating engine  ​
  • Omnichannel engagement with hyper personalised seamless interactions
  • Proactive Advice with the use AI-powered insights ​
  • Rapidly Deploy Quoting with configurable omnichannel quoting and straight-through application processes.​
  • Automated Underwriting with automated approvals,, referrals, and declines,​
  • Flexible Policy Administration with full range of real-time and scheduled policy transactions​
  • Streamlined Claims Management with rules to auto-adjudicate claims or send for review

Broker Portal Solutions

Speed up Salesforce Broker Portal implementation with our accelerator​

  • Cloobees prebuilt accelerator for B2B portal offering
  • Integration with existing operating systems
  • Broker self-service for claims information
  • Broker self-service for issuing of documentation
  • Automate commercial quotations and help manage your pipeline

Underwriting Quickstart

Cloobees can accelerate the delivery of the full Underwriting Workbench module from Salesforce

  • Quotes that fall outside underwriting criteria for automatic binding are routed to a dedicated Underwriting Workbench for review. This can seamlessly integrate with current legacy systems.​
  • Underwriters can efficiently prioritize, manage, and track submissions across each stage, from initial intake to review, underwriting, quote/proposal, bind, and close. They have a 360-degree view of agencies and customers to contextualize and guide decisions, and a clear view of their business pipeline by agency/brokerage.​
  • Within their underwriting workbench, they can automate the management of plans, tasks, and documents, and collaborate with other underwriters and stakeholders on opportunities, either through the Underwriter Workbench or through Slack​

Insights from our experts


How can Insurers leverage Salesforce AI today?

If you search ‘How AI can help the Insurance Market’ on Google today, the results are plentiful, 248M to be precise! So, with all the buzz around AI now, it is easy for some of us to forget that Salesforce has had AI capabilities for more than six years in the form of Einstein AI.

Team experience


Salesforce Broker Portal implementation for Tier 1 Health Insurer in the UK

Digital Transformation Programme for one of the leading Health Insurance providers in the UK for both B2B and B2C scenarios with built-in Broker Portal:

  • Deployment of external rating
  • Implementation of scoring
  • Underwriting processes
  • Automation​


Salesorce based transformation for Large Health Insurer in the UK

Salesforce Insurance Platform implementation of a quote to bind journey for one of the leading Health Insurance providers in the UK​:

  • B2C Internal rating
  • Underwriting processes
  • Integration with an external recommendation engine,
  • Scoring implementation,


Digital transformation programme for Tier 1 B2C insurance carrrier

Salesforce Insurance Platform implementation for one of the leading Insurance providers:

  • Full integration with Agent Console
  • CTI/telephony integration for Contact Center
  • Workflow management
  • Agent routing
  • Customer 360 degree view with an automatic popup

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