The communications industry is constantly changing and evolving, driven by technological advances, changes in consumer behavior and preferences, new regulatory and competitive pressures. Cloobees certified Salesforce Industries professionals are here to help our clients address these challenges.

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Case Studies


Orange Flex – Digital-only acquisition and service for B2C customers

Orange Poland is the largest telco provider in Poland, controlling 27% of the B2C market and 44% of the B2B . They decided to target the market with digital-only offering using a greenfield approach built on Salesforce Industries platform. Orange Flex mobile application supports onboarding process with eSIM, credit card payments and biometric customer identification. Orange Flex offering has been a tremendous success on the market with NPS 77 and 4.5+ app score in both IOS and Android stores.


Replatforming legacy stack to Salesforce Industries EPC and CPQ

One of the leading comms and media providers in the Southern Europe which offers mobile & fixed telephony, cable & sat television and broadband decided to replatform their BSS landscape and implement central product catalogue and central configurator components run by Salesforce Industries. We have delivered the onboarding journey within 12 weeks. Client is now able to quickly configure and launch new offers without the necessity to modify mobile application and upload it to app stores.


24/7 Service Management of Salesforce production platform

A leading Western European provider of bandwidth infrastructure services needed a solution to support their growth and series of aqusitions.  They own and operate 17 dense fibre based metropolitan city networks connected with an intercity backbone covering 53 cities in 17 countries.. With such extensive infrastructure they are able to deliver scalable, fibre based products and solutions to customers that require fibre based data centre to data centre connectivity. Client has chosen Salesforce as their digital transformation platform and migrated from legacy.  Our team is providing remotely 24/7 service management to the production environment.


Digital transformation on Salesforce Industries platform

Our client which is the large international telecommunications group initiated their Digital Transformation programme to addrees the operational challenges coming from the complexity in the business model, many product variants, siloed processes and aging IT systems architecture. Salesforce Industries platform was chosen as a strategic platform and solution has been designed to follow three principles – SIMPLE (One Click), EASY (Zero Touch) and FAST (Same day) starting with Full Fibre FTTP product line. Salesforce Industries EPC (Enterprise Product Catalogue) has been chosen as an offer / product master and CPQ as an Order Capture platform.

Cloobees Ready-To-Implement Accelerators on top of Salesforce


Digital-only aquisition

  • mobile application for digital-only onboarding
  • subscription offerings supported
  • 3rd party products supported
  • eSIM for instant activation
  • credit card payments
  • biometric customer identity confirmation
  • CI/CD tools integration


Fixed and Mobile bundling

  • mobile, fixed and bundle offerings in Enterprise Product Catalogue
  • web portal on Salesforce Community Cloud
  • biometric customer identity confirmation
  • credit card payments
  • integration with Inventory Management
  • CI/CD tools integration


Complex B2B orders

  • mobile, fixed and bundle offerings in Enterprise Product Catalogue
  • bulk activation, change, termination orders
  • assignment of order lines to locations and to subscriber roups
  • order decomposition into master and sub-orders
  • CI/CD tools integration

AI Copilot for Communications

Cloobees AI Copilot for Communications on Salesforce platform. It proves how AI can power up sales, ensure provisioning and reduce churn of B2B and B2C customers. Here are some features we have developed on top of Salesforce Comms Cloud.

  • real time product recommendations based on dynamic data during order capture
  • leverages information in data cloud, such as sentiment analysis, order history and customer feedback
  • using look up knowledge articles and next best actions with Einstein GPT
  • insights and analytics generative dashboards

AltNet in a Box Fibre Accelerator


Cloobees AltNet in a Box Fibre Accelerator enables Communication Service Providers to implement a complete BSS solution on the Salesforce Platform in weeks rather than months, and one which can be enhanced with the latest Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing, Analytics and AI capabilities.

  • Designed and pre-configured Product Catalogue
  • Pre-integrated with Billing, Workforce and Fulfillment systems
  • Pre-configured comms processes
  • Pre-integrated Payment Gateway

Insights from our experts


Alt-Net Landscape

Network Providers (Alt-Nets) have entered the UK broadband market fuelled by millions of pounds of private investment. With network overbuild in urban areas and less funding available, what does the future hold for them and how can Cloobees accelerate their Salesforce BSS implementation to maximise their network assets?


Targeting competitor’s customer base with e-SIM based Data-Only packages

eSIM enabled phones allow instant activation and multiple plans on one device. Secondary data packages can be upsold by the network carrier to their competitor’s customer base. It reopens the market for a new type of virtual operators Data-only MVNOs. See full article for more details.


Five key opportunities on the Comms market – summary

The communications industry is constantly changing and evolving, driven by technological advances, changes in consumer behavior and preferences, new regulatory and competitive pressures. See the summary of five key opportunities on the Comms market in 2023


Redefining the Telco B2B sales process with Salesforce ESM

Salesforce Enterprise Sales Management (ESM) redefines the B2B selling experience by providing the ability to support the complex opportunity-to-quote-to-order processes. See article for a detailed list of features with screenschots from the Salesforce ESM platform.


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